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Intake manifold with integrated Intercooler EVO1 Toyota Supra GR (MK5)

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Intake manifold with integrated Intercooler EVO1 Toyota Supra GR (MK5)

Weight: 13,00 kg
Volume: 20,00 cm³/kg

Cast aluminum intake manifold for B58 engines (BMW / Toyota)

BMW 2er G42 M240i
BMW 3er G20/G21 M340i
BMW 4er G22/G23/G26 M440i
BMW Z4 G29 M40i
Toyota GR Supra MK5

The 3.0 Liter B58.2 turbo engine of the specified BMW/Toyota models is equipped with an indirect charge-air cooling circuit. So the cooling of the charged air is realized by a watercooled intercooler, which is integrated directly into the intake manifold.

Advantages of this product:
– significantly better cooling performance (up to 20°C cooler IAT)
– maximum mechanical discharge of the turbocharger (35% less back pressure)
– more power and torque for your engine
– 100% pressure resistance
– 100% Plug and Play (no modifications)
– preprocessed port fuel injection (Fuel Rail optionally available here )
– three 1/8 NPT ports for measuring additional parameters
– six preprocessed NOS or WMI ports (for example 90° NOS Nozzles 1/16 NPT here )
(for example 90° NOS Nozzles 1/16 NPT)
– this intake manifold is suitable for all performance levels
– up to 4 years warranty
– important information for oil service: the oil filter still can be replaced without removing the intake manifold again!

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