HF Intercooler Audi A6/A7 C7/4G

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HF-Series intercooler Audi A6/A7 C7/4G

This upgrade intercooler for Audi A6/A7 4G is a highlight of the HF-Series range.

The high quality HFT core has the best cooling properties to provide optimum performance even in poor conditions and is also very robust.

It is characterized by a high resistance and heats itself not so much as comparable networks of other manufacturers. At the same time the whole system is also aligned to the best flow. This means that the pressure loss is minimal and the entire air flow was aerodynamically designed with CAD-flow analyzes. Also included are the cooler boxes, which are made of high-strength aluminum casting and equipped with our WAY FIN TECHNOLOGY.

Technical Details:
Cast: Aluminium
Core: HFT

Direct comparison:
                  OEM             HF-Series
Volume:      5,586 cm³    14,520 cm³

The advantages of this product are:

1. Improved flow and uniform pressure distribution for maximum efficiency:
With our WAY FIN TECHNOLOGY we achieve an even better flow and a more uniform pressure distribution through the entire radiator network through a guiding fin in the radiator box, thus achieving maximum efficiency.

2. Less Pressure Drop:
With a higher pressure loss the turbocharger has to drive a higher RPM to achieve the programmed boost pressure. This results in a higher thermal load of the turbocharger and a higher wear.
3. Cooler Charge Air

4. Earlier Response & Improved Performance

 What will the advantages be, if you are installing an upgrade intercooler?

To name an accurate performance increasement, which results by installing an upgrade intercooler in numbers, many unknown factors, like: further hardware changes, as well as the engine software you are using, have to be determined, because this is different from vehicle to vehicle. As a rule of thumb for ECU remapped engines, you can expect up to 5% – 10%. But what at least also as important is: Regardless whether your ECU is already remapped or if it isn´t, upgrade intercoolers preventing a loss of performance at worse conditions, like high outside temperatures or even to reach the temperature protection of your engine. So you will be always able to count on the full power of it.

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