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Performance Increase : 15hp, 18ft-lb

*Images show our optional carbon engine cover.

The GR Yaris Intake has been developed through extensive data logging of temperatures, flow rates and dyno testing. Since this is a turbocharged engine, heat and volume were the main considerations during development. This intake system has been developed to offer the highest possible flow rate whilst maintaining the lowest intake temperatures possible. Each component has been designed to provide the turbo with a smooth and free flowing path. By ensuring a sealed system we have improved on the IAT’s of the OEM airbox whilst at the same time increasing the internal volume to reduce the pressure drop and therefore reduce pumping losses of the turbo. In doing so the turbo is able to operate more efficiently and therefore reaches peak boost sooner to produce a net performance gain.

The filter itself has an outer diameter of 210mm or 8.3″ with a filtration surface area of over 130,000mm^2. The patented Venturi housing has been designed to provide the maximum internal volume possible for the GR Yaris and provides laminar flow to the turbo tube.

The Eventuri Difference

The GR Yaris Eventuri system uses our Patented Carbon fiber Housing which provides an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the turbo. Not just another cone filter with a heat shield but a unique design which invokes the Venturi affect and maintains laminar flow conditions to reduce the drag on the turbo.

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