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Introducing our Raw Carbon Fiber S55 Chargepipes. We have invested months of intense R&D in development and testing to bring you OEM replacement chargepipes which leave no room for compromise. FITMENT- FLOW QUALITY – STRENGTH are the 3 main design criteria which we sought to meet.

1) FITMENT : A common issue with aftermarket chargepipes is the poor fitment due to the nature in which they are made using bent metal tubes. Clearances with the engine cover and other aftermarket intake systems can be an issue. Our solution with using carbon fiber allows us to use complex geometry in order to provide and OEM-like fitment whilst retaining optimum flow.

2) FLOW QUALITY : Our design uses smooth curve transitions from the turbo outlets to the charge-cooler. In addition we also increased the internal volume as compared to the OEM version to allow the turbos to work with less restriction. Importantly our machined flange attachment to the turbo outlet maintains a constant diameter to the chargepipes without and exposed edges which could cause turbulence. This is an improvement over aftermarket metal chargepipes which often have welds between the flange and the tubes.

3) STRENGTH : The final criteria was to increase the structural strength of the chargepipes over the OEM versions. It is becoming increasingly common for the OEM chargepipes to fail especially with tuned cars running higher boost levels. By using a cross-directional carbon weave layup with multiple layers to form a 2mm wall thickness, our chargepipes provide an incredibly strong solution for reliable operation even with larger turbos. Furthermore we have embedded CNC machined stainless steel rings into the openings where the clamps are tightened to ensure the pipes maintain their shape even under high clamping forces.

In order to increase the structural reliability of the carbon chargepipes we have not added methanol ports into them. Instead we are developing a separate J-pipe which will incorporate multiple methanol ports. Having these ports in the J-pipe is also a more suitable location for additional cooling since it is immediately before the inlet manifold.

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